Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Still here after almost a year

This is the site that my business cards have referred you case you just typed in that name,

I left this site because of limited photo memory that blogspot was imposing upon me.  Since then I've purchased more photo memory which appears to only be available on the newer site, the second edition, which is here... Alchemy of Clay by Black Mountain Barb

It's all in the same family.  Thanks so much for checking for my work!  Glad to have new friends any time, and please post a comment too.  I'll publish them at least daily, and may answer them too!

There are just 2 more Saturdays that Mud Buddies will have to sell my pottery at the Tailgate Market in Black Mountain, NC.

If you are looking for the red tent on the second row of booths, there we'll be.  The market will also have a holiday fair the Sat. before Thanksgiving, Nov. 17.  9- noon.

THanks for stopping by!