Sunday, July 31, 2011

tiny vases

Four fold speckled brownstone with raspberry and Black Mountain Blue glazes

 Three-fold speckled brownstone with Raspberry and Eggshell glazes

Sunday remembering the creek again

 Ramya observing her Goldsworthy project...

Sticks and stones.

Cairns for the water spirits?

"What's this?  Why would you want one?"  so said some non-customers at Sat. Tailgate the midst of the functional wares, including jewelry even, what would anyone do with something just to enjoy looking at?

 Sold at Tailgate July 30.

 The frog idea was a good one, but the first person to look at this turned it over, and the frog fell out and broke to pieces.  She was good enough to pay half price for it without the frog, or rather, with a many pieced frog.

Sold a few weeks ago at Tailgate market, to a dear friend.

Sold a few weeks ago to another friend.

Sold this week to the same person who bought the vari-colored pitcher above.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Simply Saturday

An urban gardner am I.  As I'm now munching these little red fruits.

Here are more of the creek visit pictures...I'm just going to keep putting them here, because this is such an effective album keeper.  (In case of fire or hurricane)

 Mama nature has done such a great job of blending elements of rock and water...delicious!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday at rest

Why does nature cover this one rock with moss and little tree babies growing on top of it?
While most rocks are smooth of anything green?
Ramya is recording her "Goldsworthy-esque" creations.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The earth, the north, the wise mountains which embrace my being between the skirts of the folds of rocks,

The air, wind from west to east, just as our earth and our mountains turn toward the dawn sun

The fire, the solar heat from the south we feel so much this summer which reflects inside our own heat, melting into sweat which dries in the wind to cool us

The water of west from sweat to the pools, streams, swamps and oceans that embrace us and rain sweet water down upon our beings, reminding us how we are all inherently connected in the circle of our lives...bringing emotional and intuitive knowing back to our earthly beings.

These are the directions/elements which are cast in our circles of many traditional ways.

But coming into center is the important part.

Center of our beings, our being-ness, just where we can BE.

So I start here...moving out to the rest of the relationships I have been blessed to be given...walking steps I pray are true and firm, saying words that do not lie, listening to those who have gone before me (ancestors as well as others who lead me on my path), winnowing the rotten and unnourishing from that which promises my own fruition, looking to serve my highest porpoise (intentional slip), and from this Center I can embrace everything I wish to include in my life.

Thank you.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Raspberry glaze mmmmm!

I'm so happy with the new raspberry glaze we've mixed up at BMCA an experiment.  It looks best with other glazes somewhere around it, or maybe just double dipped.  No more running all over the kiln shelf either!  Mmmmm.

 Small pitcher, 6-1/2" tall, 6" wide, 4-1/2" deep

The top edge was dipped in eggshell, which gave it a bit more purplish tint in places.
I think of this color as wine...deep and delicious!

Since I seldom drink red wine, maybe I'll get some and fill this pitcher with it...just for the fun of comparing the reds.  What's a good red wine to try?

Couldn't decide which shots to post, so I just put them all here.  I've finally gotten out the white boards to use reflective lighting, which gives somewhat better color accuracy.

 Small slab built vase with a frog for flower arranging...

 A threesome of bowls...raspberry with a whisper of eggshell which made all the difference...

 I'm partial to drips that just blend, rather than those that are pre-arranged by the potter.
 I'd call these purple!

 This is as close to a purple glaze that I've ever achieved.  Thanks to the potters that went before me and came out with these combinations.

A tee-pee shape with holes for stems...another tiny flower vase...eggshell finish.

This is so simple it looks like a child made it.  Well, my inner child makes many of my forms!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

small cats

This simple little cat is what my cat looks like most of her life.

I told her yesterday it's a good thing she doesn't go outside and have to deal with other cats, birds, mice, voles or whatever might be enticing, or even dangerous.

She didn't blink an eye, but did twitch an ear.  She certainly sleeps 20 hours a day.

However, she does demand feeding and grooming from me.

 Though like any good cat, she takes care of her "once a day all over licking."
 That's probably the part I'm allergic to, the saliva that then is part of the dander that comes off her, at least that's what I've been told.
 However, when she's this beautiful, how could I consider not having her around!
Well, she's not this color, but it would be pretty hard to replicate her is much easier to do in glaze!