Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The earth, the north, the wise mountains which embrace my being between the skirts of the folds of rocks,

The air, wind from west to east, just as our earth and our mountains turn toward the dawn sun

The fire, the solar heat from the south we feel so much this summer which reflects inside our own heat, melting into sweat which dries in the wind to cool us

The water of west from sweat to the pools, streams, swamps and oceans that embrace us and rain sweet water down upon our beings, reminding us how we are all inherently connected in the circle of our lives...bringing emotional and intuitive knowing back to our earthly beings.

These are the directions/elements which are cast in our circles of many traditional ways.

But coming into center is the important part.

Center of our beings, our being-ness, just where we can BE.

So I start here...moving out to the rest of the relationships I have been blessed to be given...walking steps I pray are true and firm, saying words that do not lie, listening to those who have gone before me (ancestors as well as others who lead me on my path), winnowing the rotten and unnourishing from that which promises my own fruition, looking to serve my highest porpoise (intentional slip), and from this Center I can embrace everything I wish to include in my life.

Thank you.

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