Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pitcher and bowls sold

Purr, says silver panther (somewhat domesticated cat me) at such a good market this morning.  I wasn't scheduled to be there, but ended up hanging out with my buddies, and had a couple of good friends purchase some of my wares.  Thanks dear friends who support "not starving" artists.  Of course I eat a lot more peanut butter than they do, but just looking at me you know I make up for it with chocolate.

Thanks also for the good comments my stacking bowls and pitchers have received.  That makes me want to go back to the wheel and make some more...and I probably will tomorrow.

Today I brought home (finally) the blues singing lady...after her 3rd glazing, she is beginning to have structural problems, so I'll be satisfied with her blueish complexion (is that a word?).  Spell check won't have it that's for sure.  And so now I need to take pictures of new sculptural lady.  I keep making them, knowing I'll eventually make something that someone will buy, but they are mainly just sitting around on shelves here at home, lurking, smiling (some of them) and casting spells (some of them) and maybe dancing during the wee hours as well.

I've got a bowl to glaze here at home, and a vase to trim by hand (since it has lots of indentations, it won't trim on the wheel). 

Last night's concert was alright...Jim Scott is very talented.  But he should have skipped talking so much and sung least in my opinion.  I think by the numbers of people who left at intermission, he might figure out the same thing.  And reading poetry did remind me of those beatnik coffee houses of the 50s and 60s.  But Jim who was a Paul Winter Consort member, does write beautiful music.   He really was preaching to the choir when he talked on and on about the ecology and global warming.  Anyway, I'm glad I got to hear his beautiful songs, and Eliot (sorry, don't think I should attempt to spell his last name) on the stand up bass was fabulous.

Sun. I'm driving through the moutains to Yancey County community center to hear the Sahara Peace Choir give a big concert with procedes to the United Way.  I am not singing this time...the voice just decided to call it quits I'll be a groupie.  I may carry some musical instruments, and at least the choir director, Linda Metzner.  And a cooler for lunches, and chairs for sitting by the river where we'll swim after the concert, on the way home.

So if you don't hear from me...wait for pictures of the picnic later!

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