Friday, July 8, 2011

goblets and crones

What's in a name?  A crone?

Let your inner crone out!

How many of you don't think that's a name you'd like to grow up and be called?

Wise crone

That is assuming you're like me and not all grown up inside in places.
And maybe sometimes that childlike part of you peeks out...

 well, the crone part of me is also inside of me, and loves to be let out occasionally.  She's the old woman I shall become, one of these days.

 Though I've had a croning ceremony, where I put on the wise mantle, jumped a broom, and had different age women/girls tell me about the decades that I'd achieved...  not sure I'm wise yet.  (Many of my friends would agree to this, and so it's not just my own self doubt).

However, I do intend to keep moving toward my cronehood.  For me it is something that will eventually happen, where I'll receive respect from the young people around me, and maybe will know some things based upon my experiences (better than google even), and once I know I'm a crone, there won't be any more guffaws about being old.

What fairyland do I live in?  Right.
 Here's a set of goblets with Mexico glaze...and some blue in the crevaces.

I hope to sell these, though I really like the design myself.  There's just not room in the cupboards for another pot.

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