Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thown closed forms

OK, here are cat boxes, thrown and altered, after first glaze firing...

This little lady started as the Cheshire cat (of course) but soon turned into Cleo...a friend of a friend of mine.

 This young man is Simba, or Mouse, or now Gray-something Stripespot, or is it spotstripe?  The people he lives with like to get into big names apparently.  Anyway, first firing is somewhat light on grey, and more brown.  To be fixed soon!

 Tinkerbell, had to have this name with that bell around his/her neck!

Ah, a head is off from dear Cleo...and this is the second glazing with more grey fur added.

 Simba now has the yellow eyes, and more grey to his fur as well!

Here's a head's off for Simba!


  1. I do hope Jinni has received Simba in the mail by now...it's been almost a week, which is normal for Priority Mail from Black Mountain to CA. Happy unbirthday to my friends!

  2. The first one in the post reminds me of the CatBus in Totoro. http://forum.daz3d.com/postimages/image_1_2522025.jpg

    I love the legs on the 2nd one. I love the tummy pooch too. Really cute idea.

    My favorite is Simba. Probably because Simba reminds me of a cat I once had :)

    I love these. I'm terrible at making lids. I probably just need more practice. I'm looking forward to starting pottery in fall again. I miss going & things just go to crazy this summer to continue.

  3. Thanks for your comments Amika...I figured you were off to the South Seas on vacation. Hey, somebody probably is, why not you?
    On fish, good idea...I've had algae eaters before, and in small tank it should be safe. In larger tank the big fish love to eat algae eaters...they love to eat anything! But my problem is the smaller tank for some reason...so I'll take your advice.
    I'll check your site about the cat too.

  4. I LOVE my Cleo box! Thanks, Barb! But I also love the other ones too. Ok, I love your work, period, tee hee. Now, what will I put in my Cleo box? Can't put what I put inside Cleo...food. "Food, food, and more food!" says Cleo. Oh, I know, I'll put leaves of catnip from the garden in there to dry. My new catnip plant isn't big enough yet to dry huge batches of it. But I can keep several leaves in my Cleo box so I'll always have some for Cleo without traipsing all the way out to the garden when she asks for some. I'm so smart!


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