Sunday, July 24, 2011

Raspberry glaze mmmmm!

I'm so happy with the new raspberry glaze we've mixed up at BMCA an experiment.  It looks best with other glazes somewhere around it, or maybe just double dipped.  No more running all over the kiln shelf either!  Mmmmm.

 Small pitcher, 6-1/2" tall, 6" wide, 4-1/2" deep

The top edge was dipped in eggshell, which gave it a bit more purplish tint in places.
I think of this color as wine...deep and delicious!

Since I seldom drink red wine, maybe I'll get some and fill this pitcher with it...just for the fun of comparing the reds.  What's a good red wine to try?

Couldn't decide which shots to post, so I just put them all here.  I've finally gotten out the white boards to use reflective lighting, which gives somewhat better color accuracy.

 Small slab built vase with a frog for flower arranging...

 A threesome of bowls...raspberry with a whisper of eggshell which made all the difference...

 I'm partial to drips that just blend, rather than those that are pre-arranged by the potter.
 I'd call these purple!

 This is as close to a purple glaze that I've ever achieved.  Thanks to the potters that went before me and came out with these combinations.

A tee-pee shape with holes for stems...another tiny flower vase...eggshell finish.

This is so simple it looks like a child made it.  Well, my inner child makes many of my forms!


  1. Love the raspberry glaze, love the little bowl with frog (want it) and the nesting bowls (want them too.) Hahaha! Well, I do! Oh, and I want the cute little white vase with holes in the outer rim. I just love your designs, Barb! I don't know how you keep coming up with such neat ideas and turning them into such works of art. That's why I keep coming back to see what you've done lately. Love your blog for that alone, but also for your thoughts.

  2. Thanks, Ms. RB anonymouse! I'm glad you emailed me to let me know you'd made a comment. Sometimes this blog just molders away in the ether...but it's ok, it's still hanging out on the web...and I don't mean WWW. I mean that it is connected to us in the great spider web that we're all spun into. Sort of a labyrinth web. On that thought...I've got to look for my labyrinth materials!


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