Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A life in one pot

Putting all my life together in one pot...here.  I may be a potter a lot of my life, but I'm a woman with a passion for goddesses and wherever the divine feminine is celebrated.

Women's Spirituality Group meeting is this Thrus. 6:30 at UU Congregation of Swannanoa Valley, 500 Montreat Rd, Black Mountain NC (feel free to invite newcommers)
Our facilitator is Lisa Kretschmer...topic "The Evolution Continues - The Mayan Calendar." Lisa has a lot of good information about the Mayan Calendar events for this year. Come with a snack if you wish to share one. Juice will be provided.
Women's Spirituality Group is a women's circle that is open to all and has rotating facilitators.
I propose a simple pot luck and book exchange for Aug...maybe at my house so we can use a kitchen? (give and receive books you want to share)  I would sometime love to share the video of "The Goddess Diaries" which many of us saw one evening during General Assembly in Charlotte...it's wonderful!
 I've also got a friend, Sarah Vakesi, who's an eco-chaplin who would love to give a presentation in Sept. about the spirituality of ecological activism (at least that's what I think she would talk about, since that's what she does).   I'll see her next week and get more details about what she wants to say. 

Interested in a new UU curriculum on "The Crone?"  Let me know!
What about the dream group?  (not just for women only perhaps?)
Any other suggestions for upcoming circles? 
So that's the update of the WSG.  It's still a small group, an offshoot from several classes about goddesses.  We meet monthly.  The classes were held weekly, but we decided just having topics this often would be our choice for now.  At one time we had open films with discussion (open to men that is).  Decisions are consensus.  It would be fun to have more people!
But I know posting that here is probably shooting in the dark void...since I'm pretty sure most of the handfull of people who read this already know about my goddess interests.  But now it's recorded as a big part my whole life.

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