Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday remembering the creek again

 Ramya observing her Goldsworthy project...

Sticks and stones.

Cairns for the water spirits?

"What's this?  Why would you want one?"  so said some non-customers at Sat. Tailgate the midst of the functional wares, including jewelry even, what would anyone do with something just to enjoy looking at?

 Sold at Tailgate July 30.

 The frog idea was a good one, but the first person to look at this turned it over, and the frog fell out and broke to pieces.  She was good enough to pay half price for it without the frog, or rather, with a many pieced frog.

Sold a few weeks ago at Tailgate market, to a dear friend.

Sold a few weeks ago to another friend.

Sold this week to the same person who bought the vari-colored pitcher above.

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