Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blue Lady

 She is probably singing...or something expansive...

 16" high, made of brownstone stoneware...

I'm not pleased with the glaze.  Months of tests that just didn't come out, I finally gave up and just used what I could. 

It still wasn't satisfactory, so she was reglazed twice, and there's the beginning of a crack on her toe, the little sticking out toe of a shoe that she has.

So I think she'll just have to stay the way she is. 
 The Blue Lady.

Skin has blue tones, as well as hair.
Perhaps she's singing the blues.


  1. Since I do like to sculpt figures, and I am never satisfied with glazes, I've concluded I should just leave the clay in its raw a piece of finished work without adding the shiney stuff glaze makes. So next time...she said.

  2. I thought this turned out nice too. The face/hair was painted really well. The figure had a lovely shape.


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