Sunday, July 3, 2011

some fun things to watch

Delightful images...
story read in a fantastic yert...
fantasy life is here.

Jackie Morris artist is a blog that I follow, enjoying her watercolors that are so delicate...

I think she painted the design on the van, as well as all over the yurt.
Wouldn't that be a nice thing to set up in a campground?  Well, it does look kind of permanent.

I've gotten my bronchitis treated, and refused the 2 oz. of cough syrup to help me sleep which was to cost $32.  I'll drink a beer and sleep ok, I figure...and take lots of the $5 cough syrup.  And I even told the doc I didn't like hydrocodon...makes me dizzy.  I've thrown out any pills I ever had that contained it.  So anyone breaking into my house for drugs will just get the beer, oh, and some great catnip!

Enjoy the day.  I am taking it very easy.
I know I said I'd post the sculpture pictures from Charlotte downtown...but I didn't feel like it.  Ever have that happen?

Today I didn't feel llike doing anything I intended to do.  So I played sickie again.  But now I've taken my drugs (antibiotic) so hopefully that makes me on the mend finally.


  1. Hey there - take care of yourself. Bronchitis is not to be sneezed at. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Thanks for your good wishes...very funny, even. Glad to hear from you again. Actually not sneezing at all, cough cough. What's new in MI? Are you in summer classes?Barb

  3. I am enrolled (as an audit student) for glaze formulation this summer. I had to stop attending class due to work & some construction on my house that wasn't going well. Finally finished with the contractors yesterday. Just need to prime & paint my new bathroom. I had to watch every damn thing they did to make sure it was done right. A job that was supposed to take 5 days took 3 weeks. At 7 days I had them rip everything out & start over with a new tile guy because the work wasn't ok with me. I'm really glad it is done. I just need to prime / paint this weekend.

    I'll retake the class in fall.
    No harm no foul.... I just had too much going on for one sane person this summer LOL

  4. Whowzer dowzer...sorry to hear that your time has been sucked into all that trouble with house rennovation. Glad you stuck to your guns and got what you wanted...tile is going to be there forever and needs to be right.


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