Friday, July 1, 2011

The lovely park

With strange and wonderful sculptures, with audio sounds that come on as you walk by them, frogs, water shushing around, etc...and with signs of various places that have author's names...
look at my pictures!

Of course the skull is right at the entrance to the park, catching attention from the road.

One of my favorite authors...I've been to Hanibal MO where he may have been born (?), and placed Tom and Becky, and I've lived in Hartford, CT where he wrote and lived.

Have you ever looked out from inside a skull?

Of course you have, with your own eyes!

I had no idea there were so many Charlottes in the world!

Yours truly with a trumpet playing sculpture behind me...fortunately without sound.

A lovely interactive fountain.  This whole park was really user friendly, as opposed to the fountain I showed yesterday with sculptural children, but a guard came out and ran off the youngsters who tried to take pictures with the doing similar things in the fountain.  I definitely liked this park better.

I had to think of my favorite author/friend on blogger, Vicki Lane, and wonder where her name would lead people!

Kids and parent would come along and do a hopscotch game of jump and say the word on these pavers.
My favorite sculpture!

The only author I'd never heard of...

As I left the park to return to the Convention Center, I saw these great book stacks...and maybe the name of the park, but I really don't know now.

What would you name this park?


  1. The cat sculpture is my favorite, but they're all great. Thanks for sharing, Barb. Love, Rosemary

  2. Thanks for your comment, which unfortunately posted on this date rather than the one with pots. I'm sure you'll like the cat that's coming your's much cuter than this one!


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