Friday, July 15, 2011

Pitcher pictures

Can't avoid the confusion of these terms.  They sound so much alike when you're talking about them...wonder if the words in English have similar roots.  I'll let a lexicographer friend find out...I need to just post and run. The leather-hard tiny vases await my attentioin.

Eggshell pitcher

 Eggshell pitcher, view #2

Nutmeg pitcher, view #1

Nutmeg pitcher, view #2

Small nutmeg box

 Small nutmeg box view #2
Small nutmeg box, view #3

I'm not happy with the color of the glazes on most of my photos from this morning.  Am going to work on that later though.

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  1. I thought the glazes were very pretty. Is it that they didn't turn out as expected - or that you didn't like the results?


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