Monday, July 11, 2011

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Rhododendrons are still blooming in the higher elevations
“I wouldn’t presume to know the thoughts and feelings of bees, but if I saw a bunch of teenagers sipping nectar, rolling around with their feet up in the air, covered with fragrant pollen, and then racing off to do it again and again, I would assume that they were having a wonderful time and would probably call the police.”
Cassandra Danz, Mrs. Greenthumbs: How I Turned A Boring Yard into A Glorious Garden and How You Can, Too.

Friends Meeting House in Celo, NC

After spending a lot of time driving along, up the mountains, looking for the turnoff where signs were supposed to be clear but weren't...and a fortuitous place to ask for directions where several of us joined a pre-pot-luck prayer circle before getting those directions...we arrived finally at the Toe River Campground and the Hooting Owl community center.

Before the rehearsal started, some of the Peace Choir walked down the ramp where there's access to the river from the community building.

Rocks at the turn in the river beckoned us to climb them...

It was hot.  Not when we first got there and there were still clouds and a delightful breeze while we ate our lunches.  But when the concert started at 2 pm and we could either hear singers or have an industrial size fan blowing the air around inside the huge building.

Linda Metzner led the choir

Bless the singers for performing in spite of the heat. 
Many musical pieces from around the world were sung beautifully

Thanks Linda and Peace Choir !!!

What were those shiny objects on the rocks...trash or offerings?

View from on top the rocks back to the community building, over an excellent tubing area on the Toe River.

Ramya climbed out on those rocks finally!

Two small cairns were added for decoration and thanks at the "dam"

Looking across the ramp down to the river to see our "rocks"

I carried camera along and enjoyed myself all the long long day!

We did have fun wading in the Toe River...a couple of times for us non-singers.

I'm adding pictures to go with these comments, in the morning.  For now, I'm about to enjoy my enchilada dinner and then chocolate for desert.  It's Sunday night, and a tired little Toyota (it's only 14 years old, 153,000 miles) sits cooling in the driveway.

The driver (me myself and I) is also tired...a bit dehydrated as evidenced by not using a bathroom from 10:30 am till 5:30 pm...and so glad I went!

There are a few more pictures I'll share tomorrow.

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