Thursday, July 21, 2011

Eggshell glazed pots

It's kiln opening time...with some nice glazes (for a change)  I can't help wanting a smooth even covering, without pin holing, crazing, or other difficulties.  Variations in color or even some drips are acceptable.

 A rim that blushes from some red, over an eggshell vase...  This is pretty close to the accurate color of the glaze.  Some of these pictures have it looking way too greenish, or way too white, or even too orange.  So just try to imagine this eggshell kind of tone.

 I was so glad to finally get one of these bowls to come out finished and alright.  The last one was broken before putting it in the glaze kiln.  I was furious with myself for doing that.

 These deep footed bowls have a foot added at the trimming stage...much more work than I usually want to do, but it's pretty.

 There are three of these tiny perforated thrown vases.  They are all about 2" tall.

I had hoped to put them in a raku kiln, but the firing never happened, and I was tired of them sitting on the shelf.  You know how long some of my things sit on a shelf?  I've got 2 plates that are collecting dust, while I wonder just what I want to do with them.

Tomorrow, the kitties that were held for raku firing, but went into a cone 6 electric kiln instead.


  1. I really like the shapes that you have been throwing.

    I know what you mean about photographing pottery & getting glaze colors to reflect properly.

    I usually use a diffused flash on my camera & then if it is still slightly off - I bring the tone up/down with photoshop to match the pottery.

    Usually the diffuser on the flash does the trick. I point the flash angled to the ceiling. This bounces the light off the surrounding area - vs direct light on the piece.

  2. Love the fluted bowls with the little touches of red!


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