Friday, July 1, 2011

My work for sale

tomorrow at the Tail Gate market in Black Mountain...

Tinkerbell, a thrown lidded cat form...the only one which will be for sale tomorrow.

I'm selling some of my clay creations...some old, some new.

These are among the items I know will be available, for a short time only (9 am-12 noon) and once someone finds how great the prices are, they'll be gone!

Yes the "Martini glass" shaped bowl will be there.  Bring the vermouth!

A pair of "seconds" because the glaze was a bit too abundant and had to be ground down on the bottoms.  Only $8 each.

the smallest two of a set of four bowls

A nice shape, a strange glaze...
but it may be just what you want to give as a present to Aunt Eunice, or that wedding you really wish he'd married you, or ???

How about a set of wine glasses with straw glaze?

Or a lovely set of Mexico glazed drinking goblets...which I haven't had time to take a picture of yet??

The other potters in the booth will have jewelry, porcelain, raku, stoneware, Christmas ornaments, and pottery that is just what you want, if you decide you don't want what I have.

Oh I forgot, the other students don't want since most of the folks that read this aren't even in North Carolina, don't say anything about reading this, ok?


  1. Good luck with sales -- if I were there, I'd be eying that nifty fluted blue bowl with the red thingamabobs...

  2. Sorry that I posted these, then spent the night sick and didn't have energy to take them to the tailgate market this morning. I do think I'll get to the doctor's office this morning though...gotta get rid of this cough.
    Thanks Vicki for your interest in the blue bowl. Thanks Rosie for your interest in the cat (one of which is your birthday present, but different)


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