Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July pitchers & bowls

 A set of nesting bowls...wasn't that hard to make, and I kind of like that they all nestle within each other for storage.
 This is speckled brownstone clay with Mexico glaze outside, and eggshell inside.
 Pitcher number 2 (of my series) is celedon glaze (which means it looks a bit greener than these pics show).

Clay is Little Loafers.
 I found I had to use a lot more water to throw with it rather than Bellas Blend, the last white clay (cone 6) which I'd been using.

I do enjoy making those folds in the body...and they go so well with the pitcher form (I think anyway)
Pitcher number 3 has eggshell inside and as accents on the outside, with Matt Bronze Green over it on lower three quarters.

I'm not pulling the handles, rather working with thick slab and cutting them, then forming them with a little hand-friendly curve in a cross section.

So far they seem to be able to hold the weight, and these guys were all 3.5 pounds of clay.  I'm sure I could get them thinner with Bellas Blend, but LL just stays thick for me.

This Number 4 pitcher has Mexico inside and out.  Again, the color isn't quite as "sky blue' as these pictures show.  It's the same Mexico that looks very turquoise on the bowls at the top, but it gets a metalic sheen sometimes.  (I noted that this doesn't always last with wear in an earlier post)

So here are the first four...number 4 on far left, #3, #1 (posted earlier) and #2.  There really is much more variety in the blue/greens than shows here...and I used natural light thinking that would help it show.  Oh well. 

The next three will be colored a bit differently...and they are smaller 3 pounders.

There are a couple of cat boxes that I can't show until I deliver them to the birthday highschool mates who've stayed in touch with me via internet for the last few years!

I've also got some interesting crone vases...with little heads poking out.  I'll post them later too.


  1. As summer goes steaming along, I felt it time to look a bit less bright in blog-land. What do you think of the more muted tones? Just had a cool morning to throw at the blog settings. Of course the sun is back now, promising to bake the water off from last night's thunder-storm deluge.

  2. Love the shapes of those pitchers! I think my favorite glaze is the one with the orange on it.

    And the new blog look is tres elegant.

  3. I love the nesting bowls & your pitchers turned out great. I love the color variations.

  4. Thanks dear fans! Vicki, I just read your ice cream blog, and won't have any homemade availabe, so will think of you enjoying nectar of the gods while I have something a bit more mundane for desert.

    Amika, glad you get to sit down and think of pottery, though tiles in bathroom seem to have been your "clay work" lately. Welcome whenever you have time.

  5. Glory halatosis, the comment I just posted has my own name on it. So I like to push the envelope and do another one!

  6. I love these pitchers! Watching you make them was a delight and seeing them now is inspiring.


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