Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fairies live here

 Have you ever stumbled upon a fairy hole?  Here's one at the base of a tree, perched high on rocks overlooking the Toe River.  A fairy millionare home, I dare say.  They were nice enough to let me take this picture, and of course I promised to feature it prominantly.

Now on the other hand, perhaps they were irked that I invaded their privacy.

My story could go either way.

And since I broke a favorite bowl yesterday, right now my mood is tending toward having irked some faries.

Our second encounter with the Toe River had some beautiful cairns already built on the far side of the rapids (well, where there were natural rocks that made wading a bit difficult.  probably difficult for tubing as well.

 This was looking downstream from the white water to some deep pools where lots of folks had gathered.  I saw people diving, so I know it was deep over there. 

Ramya and Robyn are somewhere checking it out, if you look closely.

But our wading mentality brought us all over to the shallows, and the comfortable sitting stones.

Our trip was enjoyed by all, and the cool mountain water (in this case the western side of our continental divide, going towards the Gulf)...was definitely a relief from the 90 degree day.

So ended our Sunday ...thinking of how this river came tumbling out of the mountains, flowing freely, cleanly, enjoyed by all plants and animals including ourselves.  I'm really grateful.

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