Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Christmas!!

SO the snow began on Christmas morning, yesterday.  It snowed all the day long however.

Around 9 am yesterday.

 Same time today, but I'm inside instead of out there...haven't put all the gear on to go outside yet!

 Squirrels are shaking their tree-limb highway snow-free, as they hop from branch to well as some wind tossing the puffs off also.  Glad to see the street was plowed earlier.

I'm guessing 8 inches, but a friend on the other side of town say she measured 7 inches.  Pretty, pretty cold, and nice to have a warm place to put my feet!

I brought some clay inside from the studio to warm up, and will soon de-decorate the table and do some plastic instead of lace, so I can do something creative while being somewhat snowbound.

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