Monday, December 20, 2010

No snow for solstice

Ah, at least there's a possibility of seeing the full lunar eclipse tonight.

We have our last class at Odyssey tonight.  Last week's Mon. night was cancelled too.  So on Sat. there was a marathon class from 12-5.  Nobody stayed that long...I left at 3:30 and just one person was still there, another teacher.  So the last modelling session is tonight.  Now since the figures are all finished, what the heck do we do with a model?

 I'm thinking since I've paid for her, I'll bring some paints and do some watercolor sketches.  Maybe. 

I'm kind of bummed at this point about everything...the seasonal depression 'cause everything is so artificial, shallow, disappointing.  I've also purchased some really good liquor to get through the next couple of weeks alone... because all my blood relations live too far away to be with me, or for me to be with them.  And all my friends will be having their blood relations around them, here or there.

This was dawn last week sometime.  yep, snow everywhere, cabin bound for a few days.  So I've cleaned and baked and decorated...for myself.

I'd best quit before I make more of a whining fool of myself.

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