Monday, October 18, 2010

Crone goddess

This is actually the second thrown and altered goddess I made.

I like the idea of her coming from the plants, having a shape that's distorted, and drooping, and definitely not "hour glass".  Ugh.  But it's a good lesson to me of looking at how the actual thrown pot was pretty amateur.

I was looking for a picture of another one of my goddess pots...a small jar with a lid and a Sacajawea coin on the lid...but it needs another picture taken, and since that's the next big project for today, I will just drop this one here and move along from here to there eventually.

Sid Reger is coming to Asheville.  Great artist of goddess mandalas.  I don't think I'll go, cause I'm already committed to this figure sculpting class.  Oh, that reminds me I need to call them to find out how to get the clay.  It is supposed to start in a week.  Whoopee.  I'm so psyched about having a model, and even if it's a man, I can just practice some ideas I've already got brewing.  I've got a sculpture of 2 figures already in my mind's eye.

I'm also going to meet with another woman today to plan a program about dreams...which the women's spirituality group will be holding next month.  Sounds exciting, and pretty easy.

But first it's setting up some boards and lights.  Then playing with the camera, lots of pots, then downloading and editing pictures!  I was hoping to pick up my latest mugs, but the studio isn't open this then I'll do more picture taking when I bring them home.  So this time I need to set up the picture booth a bit more permanently than I usually do, holding onto the lights and clicking the shutter with the other hand.  I am inclined to set up the "picture booth" here in the bedroom for that also has northern light.  But it means moving the pots further.  Can't win!

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