Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cold already

Everyone is complaining.  Two weeks ago I swear, it was complaining about the heat.  Now it's the cold.  Have we got a collective amnesia about the weather?  Well, it sure does seem to change more drastically, and we wish to have more of the soft transition days.  Spring kind of jumped right into summer and triggered this same bout of complaining.

I keep looking to the mountains to see if the leaves have started to turn.  Our dogwoods around town are kind of drab red this year...nothing like the garish color they were last year when there was drought.  Guess even having plenty of rain in the summer may not give bright colors.  Nah, I'll be patient.  They're coming.  Maybe next week. 

In the meantime, I'll post a picture.  Can't have these musings without some illustration. After identifying myself as Crone, the wise one who can give directions to keep you on your true path, I'd best do something to exhibit my talents.  Often using GPS or someone else's map, takes you to the point of your destination, but you miss that the path along the way is the most important experience of right now.  There's my wisdom for today.

 One of my tree-goddesses...this one with a dervish style to her.

My friend, Rosie, received this tree goddess which harbors a titmouse and her nest, a white squirrel, a rabbit and a tree frog.

Pisgah Covered Bridge
 I've been selling my pottery Sat. mornings at the Tail Gate market, which means lots of packing and toting of boxes of pots back and forth to car to tables etc.  I won't be doing that again for a while.  It's been good to me.  Our little co-op of potters take turns being there, and whoever is there that Sat. shows more of her own things.  We also display a few pieces of the other potters' works.  We are the MudBuddies, 5 of us, and the experience has been mostly positive.  Whoever is in charge each week pays the fee for the space, and we put up tables and a tent, though we've only had rain a couple of times.  Most of the summer it was a relief to have the shade of the tent by noon when the market was over.  It will close by the end of Oct, but have one more sale after Thanksgiving.  I'll probably be involved in it.

Dynamite coffee cups at Tail Gate market

OK, as a Crone, I have some limitations.  One is breathing (a.k.a. COPD or Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disease, or emphysema or bronchitis) that keeps me from being able to haul those boxes, tables and tents without getting out of breath.  I use my inhaler, but still am frustrated that any physical exertion knocks me on my keester.  So I'm trying to go for walks every day or so...to hopefully keep some level of endurance.   The COPD nomenclature is cumbersome, not only in folks understanding it, but just to try to explain it.  Basically, my lungs don't function at 100% any more.  But if that were the only thing that's gotten old, I wouldn't have much to work on.  I am like most folks in their elder years, lots of the parts have become worn out!

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