Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Down Memory Lane

I just posted a final fairwell on my old blog, Goddessinclay.

I also copied off of it pictures of my pottery.  It's a great place to save them when you have computers that die!  So now I've got a new "folder" of my pottery and clay sculptures.
Most of them came forward, even though I'd forgotten many because they sold quickly.  Some of them I'm glad to let go into the ether.  Gadzooks, I can't believe I kept them.

I'm glad to say I've learned a bit more discernment as to what's worth keeping.  And perhaps I learned a bit of how far I have to go still.  Nah, I still have a blind spot there.

 A first altered slab tray creation...

And then a year later, another shape happens...

A first vase with altered slabs applied to a thrown vase...

 With variations in shape and colors...
 That has led me to this shape and color, which I think is where I still am today.

I've actually  made another slightly like this one, but with the great kiln variations that happen.  I still love this glaze. 

Now I'm going to make another posting with some of the sculptural pieces, mainly goddesses of various kinds.  What can I say...the very most important one in the last couple of years was this one.
The small figure of a female is 35,000 years old...found in Germany in the last year.

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