Thursday, October 7, 2010

Women's Spirituality Group

We met last night to build a creative object for our altars to represent our own sense of spirituality.  Joni Stone led a brief meditation, Linda Metzner led some singing os Autumnal songs...and we created beautiful and diverse objects.

We even had our "bizness meeting" to make a few decisions.  Majority of people who were there made clear decisions, which I'll pass on to the other folks at the UU Church in Black Mountain, which sponsors us.

I announced I'm doing Alchemy of Clay blog, and that I've named myself crone.potter.
I decided to leave Hecate out of the name...after all she's a goddess already.

I tried to make some cards to put my pendants on, which say something about myself.  It was easier to say something about the "Venus of Laussel" which is 25,000 years old...and not even made of clay, but carved in stone.
But I couldn't copy the picture on the stiff paper, and jammed the machine.  So I'll go to the local copy store and make something up for to display my work.  And now I know kind of what I want them to look like.  I may have to skip putting this Laussel maiden/crone on them.  After all, she's not even clay!  And I've surely got a picture of one of my goddesses I could use!  OK, OK, I get the message.  I'm avoiding making my own artist's statement.  Yikes.  Well, better get to work on that.

Then to work on a certain piggy bank at the studio!

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