Friday, November 4, 2011

Energy balance

Just came back from my volunteer time at the Blue Ridge Parkway's Folk Art Center.  What a lovely place to work...though I can't really consider what I do work.

It's an energy balancing place apparently.  I have things that I can donate, a little time, a few old CD's to one of the people who also works at an assisted living facility (ALF).  I used to work at an ALF, and then an independent elder housing apartment building.  She is about to move into an apartment like that as well.  And she will soon be quitting her ALF job so I offered her some old CD's that I had originally purchased for the elders (a generation older than mine at least).  She may give some to the ALF, or she may keep a few.  I was glad that they will be listened to by someone.  My next choice was to take them to a thrift store.

Then I read that there were some duplicate magazines available for a good home, from a donation to the FAC's library which already had a copy of these issues and didn't have space for them.  I asked for those having to do with clay, and may send them to the Clay Studio of Black Mountain Center for the Arts.  Or I may keep them if they don't want them.  They also have space limitations, as do I myself.  But now I can browse through them at times other than when I'm volunteering at the FAC.

I also took home a lot of inspiration today.  I was thinking of so many projects I want to do, which weren't really a result of seeing similar things, but just an extension of what I've already been working on, and I was sitting quietly and let these ideas percolate up.  So I asked for some paper to sketch them.  And that was all the time I had.  Another visitor who viewed the beautiful quilt display said she had gotten inspired by the time she left.  I think everyone's awe at seeing hand-crafted beauty can easily turn into the desire to create themselves.

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  1. I love the FAC too -- the quilts are my particular joy. And isn't it nice to be able to pass on things we no longer need!


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