Saturday, January 22, 2011

sick ugh

Not the flu, at least.  Just can't go doing.  Staying around the bed.  Keeping warm.

first figure sculpture...2010-2011

This has now been bisqued, and is waiting for me to glaze it at Odyssey.
I've got a few bowls that I've thrown at BMCA clay studio waiting to glaze too.

Guess it's time to get the glazing gloves on.  I don't usually wear them, but I think I will next time, just to keep the fingers out of chemicals.  My fingers have been suffering from clay absorbing all the moisture from my skin.  I POUR on lotion for hours after I work, either throwing or sculpting.  I've seen some really expensive salves at Highwater which I might just have to invest in soon.

I've also started a new Excel spread sheet to track my maternal geneologies...looking for whatever I can find about the women in my parenting.  So far, nothing has googled.  But that's just using their names, and they still have parents, spouses and places for checking...hope to find some geneological sites.

Texas women, Tennessee women, South Carolina women, Virginia women, maybe even North Carolina well as Georgia, Missouri, and a few other places too.  I haven't tried to find my great grandfather's family in Germany yet, but I bet my neice did who lived there for a while and now lives in Italy.  Unfortunately she thinks I'm medussa or something.  Thanks to my sister, who is medussa or something.  Ah families are so much more maneagable when you don't have to relate to them directly!

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  1. It's a good idea to have each generation designated by some kind of symbol, either alpha or numeric, then each person individually should have their own identifier, so check how some of the charts are already done, dear!


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