Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow about to go

Snow has been cuddling around us for a week I do tend to get forgetful when everything is just survival oriented.  Solitaire anyone?  What did you cook for the cold weather when just going outside was a shock to the system?  Soups, breads?  Not so many sweets, at least for me.  I preferred chips, and was so glad that there was 33 degrees a couple of days ago (also when I took this walk) so I could go stock up again.

Who am I to complain. It's not like I live in Alaska, anyway.

This is the bridge across the creek in Montreat, right at the first parking lot inside the gate.   There are lots of parking areas with trails leading up into the mountains, which I haven't explored yet.

Looking down at the beloved stream of consciousness (B-SOC for short).  It has another name on the map, which is so ridiculous, I've started copying my friend who came up with B-SOC...well, I made it into the anagram.  It certainly fits...since it is a breath-taking beautiful walk, which also has beauty-full sitting and meditating places as well.

I had fun last night at the Center for the Arts Studi-, since my bowl wasn't dry enough to trim...the rim was all a wobble, though I threw it about 2 days ago, maybe more.  When snow closes the studio, or they're doing remodelling, it's hard for me to keep track.  Also remember I'm a crone, so my memory is bad before snow events anyway.

So I cut it up.  I stabbed my pin-tool into the side and made slices.  Then stabbed and made gouges.  These were all precisely placed, and would have been some neat negative spaces after it got dry enough to clean the crumbs along the piercings.  But no, I couldn't just be satisfied, after all, I came to the studio and wanted to accomplish something in the time I was there.  So I then pushed on one side, and the other, sending the slashes into a juxtoposition of surfaces as well.  Then I noticed how thick the walls were.  No wonder it hasn't set up yet.  Well, I had to just leave it at that.  I was going to throw a bigger bowl, but didn't think I could stand the coldness of the clay.  I may bring the blow dryer next time I go in, just to warm up the clay a bit.  It also speeds drying time!

I'm excited to see that Karen Karnes will be exhibited at the Asvheville Museum of Art in a few weeks.  I may even attend the opening, just to see who else comes.  I've never been to the Museum here, so will probably go early so I can see the other exhibits.  Let's see, I'm thinking an hour should cover it.

I also need to visit all the galleries in the center of A'ville.  I've got a lot of walking ahead of me...but the snow is starting to melt today, finally.

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