Wednesday, February 9, 2011


A friend and I used to call each other and ask "how are you being?"

She has a rare form of cancer, and is not having good reports from the doctors, so she went off on a trip to the South Pacific.  Good choice.

But the point of our BEING-ness is just that we're always so busy DOING.

We are endeavoring, ever so gently, to be human BEINGs rather than human DOINGs.

It's tough.  And of course we lie all the time when people ask, "how are you?"  It's just too hard to tell them that we're not doing so well.  Or maybe we're close enough to them that we do tell them the truth of our conditions, which usually means a lot more details than they actually wanted.  That's what it takes sometimes.

I'm glad that my doing is actually doing better these days. 

But how is my being?  I have so much I am grateful for...the conditions of my life are not half bad.  Comfort, food, those who love me, fun times.

Being is a state that I tend to not slide into easily.  It takes me setting aside time each day to actually get into a meditative posture, deep easy breathing, and relaxation without any kind of entertainment or diversion.  Then I can say I am just being, totally immersed in the NOW, not thinking of the list of things to do, nor thinking at all.

So have a good being day for yourself today...and don't try too hard!

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