Sunday, February 27, 2011

FB problems and Black Madonas

In case you also have not been hearing from some of your FB friends, who might have be de-selected without your knowledge!  FaceBook selects who you get to hear from, on your own pages.  I changed my setting as suggested in this article.

I found a lovely blog which I'll start following,

which is where I got Black Madona information and pictures throughout Europe...thanks Carisa.  The pictures are wonderful!  Mary speaks to many of us as a goddess.

The Virgin of Guadaupe is my favorite, perhaps because the symbolism includes some of the Indigenous Peoples symbols.  (see Wikepedia for details)

I love the internet way of sharing information.  Many many goddess postings in all kinds of places.

And pottery too!  I'll try to get back to that soon.  But these blogs tend to be all about who we are...totally.  At least the ones I enjoy are.  Thanks everyone for being, divine!

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