Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cat mugs

These mugs were my Christmas gifts this year.  I dare say most of my relatives and friends are a bit tired of receiving ceramics for every occaision.  But it's what I do.  These were fun and somewhat silly...and I tried a couple of them to make sure they worked at least!

One of the cats...I'd forgotten that I experimented with different kinds of eyes.  I still am experimenting!
 A somewhat hedgehog looking feline...well, whatever you want to call your coffee cup is ok with me!

I don't know which one got lost in the mail in California, (of course it had to go a couple of thousand miles, so it could have gotten lost in North Carolina).  So I just gave them all away and they now belong somewhere else...which is a kind of letting go.  Creations are just that, something you make, and then it's gone.

That suits my personality. 

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