Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Creativity means??

OK, I've had white squirrels in my posts now 2 days in a row, wonder what that means?

What does anything mean, really?  My topic of creativity, for instance, is a place I feel pretty comfortable.

It's part of our sermon topic coming up this Sun, but will be more the writer's realm than mine, the visual realm.

I will hopefully have a friend who does performance art, who will be there as well, to make comments that tie all forms of creativity together.

When looking for pictures to post about creativity and it's meaning to me, I kept wanting to put my grandchildren's pictures here.

The most satisfying creativity of my life...not just in the lives of wonderful people that my sons and their families exemplify, but the creative urge that brings forth life.  We all have it.  It is a reminder of how we are all connected through sex...that it is a beautiful sharing between people, which is how our species continues. 

Of course like all crones, I don't have many thoughts about the procreation portion of sex anymore.  But let's get back to the topic. 

Creativity is available endlessly deep well inside us all, the source.  I think of tapping into it, bringing a cup, or perhaps just a drop of it up to taste, whenever I need some inspiration.

But I drink of creativity's abundance whenever I look at nature's flowers and trees and the earth just the way it flows and folds.

And don't forget the creativity of just breathing in and out!

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