Friday, August 12, 2011

New bowls

 Mexico on the outside, wiped to show the lovely orange of Speckled Brownstone clay.  Eggshell on the insides.

Yep, I made another set of stacking bowls...having sold the first set within a couple of hours of setting them out.  So now, how much should I charge for this similar set?  I know they aren't perfect, being only my second attempt to do this.  Suggestions welcome!

 A couple of yarn bowls...for the knitter/crochet-er in your life.

The Celadon glazed one has already been sold. 
 These are tiny condiment dishes, about 2.5 inches across.
I'm really into stackables, aren't I?  Raspberry and Celadon, on white clay here.

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  1. Love those little condiment bowls -- and the white squirrel whateveritis a post or so back!


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