Tuesday, August 2, 2011

trees and pottery

Our hardwood forests here in the Swannanoa Valley of western North Carolina.

 A pair of bowls in white clay, eggshell glaze with trim of Mexico...which got away and made that cute dot in the bottom of the small one.  I'm in love with the dot.

 This pair of bowls is also the same clay and glaze, but with a bit of "floating blue" for trim.

 Medium size vase.  Speckled brownstone clay with eggshell glaze...scalloped lip.

How often do you look up at the interlacing branches?  This is squirrel-land and bird-land.

 Triangular lip with a bow on another brownstone and eggshell vase.

Here a lip on a vase is folded with fours...same size and clay and glaze.

This shows some of the dead and dying Hemlocks with which the North Carolina woods are devestated.  Some storms soon will bring more of them down.

Sheets of water between rocks, disappearing over the edge of gravity into unknown depths.  This Flat Creek (what strange person considered this tumbling water "flat" anyway?) runs into the Swannanoa River, which in turn in a few miles joins the French Broad River in Asheville.  It then flows to the Tennessee lands of the Smokies, which is where my branch of the Rogers originally settled in this area...namely in Sevierville.

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