Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer Plates

This plate has been "refired" by just going through another glaze kiln load, with no changes in the glaze.  I'm still trying to get the bumps, pimples, pin holes, whatever they're called, out of Mexico where it's heaviest.  But I don't know if it's possible.  Now I've ground them down with a Dremyl tool, and may try filling them with a bit of glaze and re-firing it again.  Generally, adding more glaze hasn't worked on pinholes most of my attempts.  Advise welcome!

2 plates, with a yellow patch on the rim, and a blue streak in the middle.  Short blue streak plate, we can call waterfall plate.

Waterfall plate seen from the side.  These plates are kind of alike, color-wise, and they have deep rims, which is a new style for me.
This is the long blue streak it mountain plate.

Waterfall plate in the foreground, mountain plate standing behind.

Side by side, you can see that mountain plate is actually the smaller of the two.

They actually nest within each other, as if they wish to remain a pair.  But I plan to sell them separately.  Straw underglaze is the yellow tone, with Black Mountain Blue for the streaks, and Eggshell glaze for the rest of the plates.  Clay is Speckled Brownstone.

I enjoyed making another 5 plates, and a small casserole today.  It will be quite a while before they are finished.

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