Monday, August 8, 2011

Think cool

This was my "older self" when I didn't color my hair, and mostly was white haired.  I still wonder if it is worth it sometimes, but then I say no, and spend the time becoming a "differently colored hair" person every month which makes me feel like I'm mainly saying yes, give me the respect for my age, and if you don't, I have a brother (uncle? aunt? son?) who will make sure you do!  Other than that, I like playing with my visual impression.  Just never have gone as far as other women and done colors on my toenails....though who knows, maybe soon!
In case you don't recognize this's called Dry Falls.  Supposedly because you can pass under it without getting wet.  Not exactly.

Lovely river in the spring, between Franklin and Highlands, NC. 

In Brevard, NC, a sweet little store in honor of the real white squirrels they have in that area...a rare little breed, much fun to watch and take pictures of.  Nearby is the DuPont Forest, which has more wonderful waterfalls!

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  1. Thanks, Rosie, for your comment on the espresso cups posting a couple of days ago. And I may just keep (or give it to a friend!!!) the blue/raspberry plate. Winter solstice gift maybe...There's some glaze streaks on the bottom, which make it kind of a "second" for sales purposes. I'm making another set of espresso cups right now. May take till Winter Solstice to get them finished, since studio is really halfway closed these manager for a few weeks. Goodness, I go on and on!


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