Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Retail or just creative?

Sold to some wonderful customer last year.  I'm feeling less and less interested in the retail portion of being creative.  Of course having the green energy to buy groceries that I love is something that I should also think about.

What the clay studio won't be doing during Sourwood Art Festival this year.

I'm feeling like making more hand built things, sculptures of something or another...

August is not the greatest time to be outside trying to sell pots in Black Mountain, which is one of the reasons BMCA will not have their booth out this year.  However, the Sourwood Festival is lots of fun, so I'll probably go through and see what's there.  I'm just relieved to not have to sit on that concrete and hope for sales.

I haven't brought this sugar creamer set out yet this year.  Of course it might be because I love it too much to sell it. 

Making a scoop for sugar (or splenda) was harder than I thought it would be...so it got a "sweet" name on it.

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