Saturday, September 24, 2011


In a few minutes other women will arrive to work out the final details of our Sun. service to be given tomorrow.

I am feeling ok about it, but don't think I've worked very much on it because of my friend's situations this last week.  Memorial Service on Mon, then another person who disappeared with all the concerns over that, and yesterday getting my new kitty.  It has not been a normal week.  I have one friend who also had to deal with a cold as I'm not complaining, just stating this has not been my normal week!

I was glad to be able to thank one person for "pushing my buttons".  It is an opportunity which I generally avoid.  But sometimes it's better to absorb that it's happening, and find the gratitude place in it.  I think I probably took some pride away, which next time I'll try to avoid. After all, the point is to grow, not to find fault either in myself or the other.  Or maybe the point is to build relationships, which I admit to not being particularly good at.

So this is an Equinox with lots of feelings for me.  Coming to balance.  Day and night have equality of splitting time.  They don't exactly have equality of other things.  Weather is completely least this year autumn came whooshing down the mountains a full week before the Equinox.  And there's the silliness of the calendar saying the 23rd is Equinox, when it's always been the 21st or 20th, or maybe 22nd.  What's going on?  I don't have time to look up the scientific explanation.  But it sure is screwey.

I'm getting back into my life, making pottery/sculptures, being a cat mother, being a grandmother, and still and always a mother.  Now my prayers (yes I do pray) are for my youngest son and his partner to obtain jobs that are fullfilling to their needs.


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