Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Give away

This birthday I gave away pottery.

 I was very fortunate to have lots of family members around to distribute it to.

The main trick was, how to make sure that certain pieces went to certain people.  
 I did give some choices to them...as well as directly hand some to them.

 This one came in handy when a pot of pasta was about to be served, and there wasn't a bowl the right size, so voila, I pulled it out of the crate where it was waiting, and it became the serving bowl it was meant to be.

 The pretty platter/plate became a nice serving dish also.

This one was special to me, and I gave it to a special relative...thinking how she is so feminine and this pitcher is dainty as well.  The raspberry glaze is really beautiful on it, which only another potter might appreciate. 
So I liked giving away some of my better pieces.  I probably had a few other ones that I can't find the photos of...
and now I don't have them on shelves or crates in my house anymore.  They may remain in the homes of those I gave them to, or they may become many pieces in trash somewhere. 

But I've completely let go of them.

You are so welcome!

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  1. Hi back Amika...missed you. Sorry you had no elec for 4 days, ugh! I'm gradually getting back my old routine, back at studio this afternoon! Barb


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