Saturday, September 3, 2011


I bet you thought I stopped making any by now!

Reglazed plate looks better!

detail of plate...the white bands are in the raspberry glaze, not reflections

When I got back from rolling along the highways, there were bunches of glazed pots to take pictures of.  So here they are!  Some are reglazes, and some of those didn't work so well.

A deep dish plate, with about 1" rim depth

 Oops, the kitty bowl got a boil.  Right under her leg, it's all bubbled up.  There were no bubbles evident following either bisque or first glaze firing.

I loved the Mexico glaze on this bowl, with underglaze decorations.  But when kitty drank out of it, her tongue started licking off the surface of the Mexico (a kind of metalic shine disappeared).  So I decided to put a coat of celadon over the whole thing.
 Only trouble was the clay couldn't take it...the bubble goes all the way to the bottom, and the glaze has this awful crack along the bottom as well.  Guess I'll be limiting my "reglazing" in the future.

But I do like the combo of Mexico with the will probably be doing it some more, on a first glaze firing.

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