Thursday, September 8, 2011

links for potter info...

Community studio in Missoula ...check it out if you haven't yet.

This is one page of the clay studio...where my son is listed as one of the teachers.

I liked hearing about another community studio, similar to the one in which I am active.  Not to mention me being proud of my son, Tai Rogers, becoming a Resident in the community studio in Missoula, Montana.   

Our BMCA clay studio here in Black Mountain doesn't have "residents" or studio assistants.  Just a couple of us who volunteer to monitor the studio during several of the Open Studio times.  The time our students can work outside of their class time is just 19 hours a week.  Missoula's community studio is open 24/7 for it's students.

But it's pretty clear that the Missoula studio is much bigger than ours...though I am happy to to learn some of the ideas that are on their site.

The other site I'm going to give you a link to is Charles Freeland's, who is our new studio manager.  This is his product page, but there's more information on his home page.

I'm enjoying getting to know Charles gradually, as he fixes things and makes the studio more comfy for use.  He also spends a lot of time with his students during open studios.  It's like having a private tutor, and they are loving it!

Today I was busy in the studio, and have a pitcher to finish tomorrow.  I've started impressions for 8 Triple Spiral Labyrinths.  I've also got 3 impressions of the Labyrinth from the Chartres Cathedral.  I put handles on 4 mugs, and trimmed 4 cereal bowls.  So whenever they are bone dry, they'll go into the kiln room.

The Labyrinths are pressed into clay from a mold I made.  The Triple Spirals are for a class that starts this Sun, and they obviously won't be ready in time...but I'm wanting each student to be able to paint their own glaze on theirs.  So when they are bisqued, then they will have that opportunity.

I'm happy that tomorrow there will be a couple of hours to be in the studio...since I've volunteered to "monitor" the time.  That way I'll be able to continue working on the things I couldn't finish tonight.

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  1. Hours of Open Studio...I have math impairment, even had to take off my shoes to count. First I thought 21 hours a week, then 19. So whatever it is, it's more limited than I think serious students should have.


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