Monday, September 19, 2011

Mugs and bowls

In the midst of everything else, here are some new pics of my work.  If I didn't have some pottery to work on, I'd probably be vege-ing out somehow. 
Of course today is turning into a wonderful outdoor day.  So there's that too.

The clay makes all the variations in color so much fun.
And putting glazes on then wiping them thinner in spots, so the great clay shows better.
This has become my favorite glaze combo.  I've now made demitasse cups in small and large, and there are now 4 mugs that are grande...probably 14 oz. (Well, maybe 12.  I can't check because they are all wrapped in the crate in the car, waiting for next week's tailgate market)

I'm asking the universe of all possibilities to help our little group of potters make some sales this weekend.  There are some of us using pictures of various saints to help.  Whatever can help is more than welcome.  Some of our group are students that need help paying bills...well, we all need help paying bills, I'd guess.  So while people get their great produce and honey and organic this and that this weekend, I hope they think of how a piece (or more) of pottery would just be the thing to get as well!

I'm going to go work on the triple spiral labyrinth that my friend made 2 days before she died.  We worked together to make the path clear.  I am just going to infuse the path with some purple paint, which should contrast nicely with the orange tones of bisque clay.  That will be placed somewhere among the "remembrances" at the memorial service tonight.

I've decided to skip the pot luck dinner, and just hope I can remember how to sing the 2 songs the Sahara Peace Choir will be singing.

Our community of loving friends and family will be sharing what a blessing this woman has been.  It is indeed going to be a celebration of her life.

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