Saturday, September 10, 2011


Thoughts of the day...
Zing, like the bee that came over to the chocolateer from the booth next door.  I had to decide whether to get dark chocolate with or without sea salt.  I finally decided for purist taste.

Zip for the sunshine and cool breezes...I'm in love with early fall weather...warm and cool and energizing for me when humidity is also low.  I want to dance.

Zoop up lots of goodies, tomatoes, a bagel heated and smeared with cream cheese for lunch, some apple butter...and

Zowzer for the maple syrup that was harvested with horses by Amish in Wisconsin, and then canned by a local woman.

Zowie for the figs.  Freshly picked, ripe, and such a gift of the goddess!

The tailgate market was so full of joy today.  Except for my friends who wanted to sell their pottery.  Mmmm, that was a sadness.  There was no reason, except maybe there weren't any tourists today, just folks who were buying their own foods for the week.

So next week we will have something different for our display.  Don't know what yet, but it's going to have some changes...thanks to my friend and myself who will be the vendors of the day for our little co-op.  I actually dreamed that the display setup would have something new and zingy to it.

Zoom, that was me speeding over to the studio to finish trimming my pitcher.  I also brought home some of the labyrinth discs that I've been making for the impress the design a bit more, clean the edges up, basically trimming detail work.  No, I didn't actually speed, but needed to use that adverb, zoom!

Zzzz, that will be me going to bed tonight and not having the hours of waiting for sleep to come like I did last night, so I slept in till quite late today.

I've got lots of clay work to do...both some wall hangings, and some autumn leaf pendants and well as more pitchers that I've enjoyed starting in my specific style.  But this season has snuck up on me, and I've got a lot to do.

PS, I removed the blog that I posted yesterday.  If you want to know about my secret illness, I've decided not to post it as a public announcement after all.  I live in a conservative community, and somehow I don't think it is ready to discuss these more private aspects of my life.  At least I'm not, except with close friends.

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