Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sept. plates

 A casserole dish...much needed in my household for taking to pot-lucks.

 But I'll gladly sell it to provide the stuff to put in the next one!

 Most potters make test tiles.  I hate to waste the time and energy, and never find that the actual glazes come out looking like the test tiles I make

Test plates.  Here several glazes are applied, to see how things happen when they come together and when they stay separate.  This is the one with a chocolate brown center motif. 

 Raspberry center...

 A golden center motif...

And here's the turquoise center playfulness..

 Detail of why I call this playfulness..

These plates all stack together wonderfully.  I'm such a happy potter!  Sometimes the surprises that glazes give me are all it takes.

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