Thursday, May 26, 2011

After class pots

I took a class at BMCA clay studio.
And after the class, I've got some new pots.  Duh.

Some are influenced by Annie Singletary, my teacher.  Some that I've included here, I've just dusted off the shelf and decided to show, and maybe (big MAYBE here) sell.

This bowl shows how I've learned how to make interesting bottoms...or actually make the bottom design part of the whole piece.  That's one of Annie Singletary's lessons.

Unfortunately the pretty glaze job doesn't make it food safe, cause the Matt Bronze Green overlapped the top edge.  Nice and pretty, but has some toxins in it that people wouldn't be happy eating.

This tri-fold design has my "goddess" image on the bottom.  I'm trying to just use that rather than my full name and so forth.  Glaze is Eggshell, with some underglaze spring green, I think.  It kind of turned grey which I like.

 Another tri-fold design, and another non-food-safe coloration.  I was trying different things with glazing, and somehow that Matt Bronze Green sneaked over the edges of these pots.

This small moon vase has an inset which is glazed partially over cobalt stain, with celadon on the rest of the body, part of my exploration of negative space.

Nothing exciting on this bottom, since I made this actually before Annie's class. 


  1. The foot on the first pot is really cute. I love it. The second one reminds me of a flower.

    Looks like you got some great ideas from the class!

    - Amika (Michigan)

  2. Just curious, where are you learning about pottery?


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