Saturday, May 7, 2011

Raku to you!

Geoff and Bette are hard at work, (or play perhaps) pulling those pots from kiln and putting them in the shredded papers or needles for raku to develop the gorgeous smoked reduced colors.

This little piece was made using some extruded and reassembled pieces, then glazed with store-bought glazes before raku firing.  I want to do more of this technique, which was so fun and simple to do.

I loved the loose folds of this piece, which were a test to see what raku glazes could do...and I liked the resulting iridescence.

I started doing things with negative space a while back, and forgot I'd already started with piercing forms...but here it is!
This little goddess has some different symbols, including holly leaves, and that white geisha look with her long dark robe.  My good friend, Teresa has it in her collection.

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