Monday, May 9, 2011

My three sons

I searched very quickly for a copy of the picture which has all three of my sons, taken at one of their weddings...but can't find it on my external hard drive (where I keep all my pictures these days).  Anyway, they are a handsome and diverse group...each has entirely different looks from the other.  Amazing as a mother, to think that I'm half the genetic material for each of them.

This is why my son wants to use a scanner, I get reflections taking pictures of my pictures.

Anyway, I just wanted to share what a wonderful mother's day I had, though I didn't see any of my family yesterday.  I dearly loved the phone calls, cards, gift cards, flowers and did I say phone calls?

What a bunch of great people I'm related to.  Even those who I don't have contact with anymore, I'm positive they are great also...after all, we share the same genes.  Unfortunately there have always been some relatives who don't speak to others...and most have only vague memories of why.  I am sad about that.

So rather than go into morose topics, I'll stay positive.  My next project was an offshoot from a conversation with one son who says he doesn't have any pictures from his childhood.  I thought I'd given all three of the guys albums for Christmas or birthdays with their own childhood pictures.  Apparently my youngest doesn't have one.  And there certainly were plenty still around...  So I've culled through one of the albums that focused upon his life and pulled a few for my own keeping.  I'll ship the rest off to him soon.

The project started last night, and now I have good lighting, so may take a few digital shots off the last of my paper photos (everything has been digital for the last 15 years).  The reflection problem is one thing to consider, as well as having a matt on all sides which will frame them.  As I got up to look for matts, I found clay that needed to be wedged that had been sitting on my plaster batt...then found some pillow cases that I use to cover my plaster batt that needed washing, so I loaded a soak cycle in the washer...then read a few emails and FaceBook, and answered them...and here I am posting a blog and haven't made it back to look for matts.  The pictures are piled on the dining table.  I think I won't get to them today, not having anything else happen on the table for a while.  Don't you have those kind of projects?  Mine tend to then get burried under the next ones.

I do have several huge bins of paper photos of mainly natural scenes, with the aim of making collages out of them.  Right.  One day.

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