Sunday, May 22, 2011

Paint and glaze

When making figures, sculptures etc, out of clay...I've found it's ok to paint the finishing colors, or touch up things without reverting to reglazing.  Why not?  Other clay artists are doing just needs to be included in the tag line, mixed media, or glaze and acrylic paint.

Here is what I've been doing this afternoon.  Nah, not all of what I've been doing.

 This altered wheel thrown and slab-added vase has recently had some underglaze pen added to the bottom portion...kind of a strange combination but I like it.

 I like having a small pitcher like this on the stove for oil, just a dash is easy to pour into a skillet.

This pitcher is a bit larger...could hold 3-4 glasses of juice in it...

Medium size vase with butterfly.

 Small altered thrown shape, with the pretty Mexico glaze on it.

Top view of Mexico glazed altered shape.

A lidded box, with little tiny legs.  The inside is painted, so it's not waterproof.  But how many times do you put water in a box?

Outside is glazed, except on the bottom.  I am not sure why I didn't glaze the very bottom originally, but I did paint it to match the inside.

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