Thursday, May 12, 2011

Clay Club fun in BM

John is an entertaining speaker with a style of demonstration that is quick and educational.
The blueberry cobler in the foreground by Sheila was one of the most popular dishes!  It was enjoyed best by being eaten slowly and with appreciation.

Great group of pottery people came to the Clay Studio of Black Mountain Center for the Arts last night.  Late commers missed being in this picture.

Annie and John seemed to have some fun things to talk about...

The food was fab, as to be expected.  Many thanks for those who provided!

Erin and Gale and John are considering the announcments that might interrupt the conversations and eating. 

John didn't mind getting people's attention to let them know about next month's Clay Club meeting, etc.  Just because most who attend Clay Club usually are potters in the Yancy County and Mitchell county mountains, we had a lot of Buncombe and even McDowel County clay people here.  Did I mention that Clay Club is an open group without dues?

Clay Clubbers kept an eye on what was happening to the food.

Pat, Sarah and James seemed to enjoy food and company.

 Different studios were represented and shared being together.  Considering how many potters compete in festivals, galleries, and other venues, this was a chance for them to just talk about their lives, and maybe their work.

New friends and old gathered together...

The demo's are about to start...movies will follow later here, as well as on the Clay Club blog.

Great to share other art forms, here wood marquetry is admired.

Thanks to all the great people who made the evening possible...and special thanks to Annie Singletary, Emily Reason, and John Britt for sharing their skills in demos.  I really missed some of the people who contribute a lot to our Clay Studio of BMCA...but I ate their share anyway.

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