Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Back to work

Not sure what you'd call what I've been doing lately...I call it not really taking myself seriously.  The physical needs of the body kind of pulled me away from wanting to continue with the inspirations I brought back from NCECA's various gallery exhibits.  If I got any that is.  I think I had already been thinking about the negative space that can be created in vases, etc.  Oh dear, so now I've no idea when that idea came about, or what spurred it into consciousness.  Not any person, nor pot I think.

My Amazon Goddess sits on my desk with that enegmatic blind smile...letting me know that I've got to pay attention to just my authentic self.

Lots of things keep me from doing what I think I want to do, or what I think I SHOULD do.  Just gotta take one thing at a time, one step at a time.  That's the funny way I walk around my little cottage trying to clean up...carry one thing to one room, pick up another, do the chores as I go by.  As my friends already know, I'm about as disciplined as a cat.

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