Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lake Tomahawk walkin'

Photo copyrighted Barbara Rogers
 When the sun hits some roses, I couldn't just pass by without a picture.

 My first glimpse of baby ducks, with mama mallard watching me carefully.  The youngsters are feeding, diving into the water for whatever lovely stuff is in the muck.

The gazebo is a nice quiet place to meditate, or have a conversation with someone special.  It looked like meditation this morning.

 The grey geese were posing right by the path, and I couldn't get the one in the background to look up.
 He/she just kept being more interested in poking his/her head under wings and around the tail area.
 So I gave up and zeroed in on the adult and youngster who were happily posing for me.
I turned the corner on the path, and there were the Canadian Geese family sitting also by the path, with the one in the path keeping an eye out for walkers, who just went right by them.

These little fluffy fellows were happy to doze in the shade by the path and lakeside.

 As I crossed over the footbridge, I looked up along the stream which feeds the lake...thinking how this water does eventually go into the Swannanoa River.

 And here comes another Mallard family...

This is looking south while walking the west side of the lake.  It was quite hot in the sunshine at 9:30 am for this walk.

 Yep, this is Mountain laurel.

The sign describing the Seven Sisters mountains placed where you can see 6 of them.  The 7th is behind another one from this view.  Tomahawk Mountain is the biggest and closest.
 Looking at the boat house that is now the recreation center...Lakeview Center.

The earthen dam has a sluice under this little bridge.

The rest of the pictures aren't coming onto the photo download page, so I'll have to finish this walk tomorrow, at least here.  I hope to do this walk earlier in the morning tomorrow, so it's actually not so warm.  Still to see, the mountains where the Blue Ridge Parkway crosses, the playground, and someone fishing.  Bet you can't wait!

Photos copyrighted Barbara Rogers, please ask permission to copy.

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  1. Looks like a lovely relaxing place.

    I had a black lab in my youth. We had a pond in our park & my lab wanted to get close to the water. So we walked to the water's edge. Ducks came flying down & landed in the water.

    It took 2 seconds for my dog to see the ducks & drag me into the water waist deep. I couldn't keep my footing because of the mud.

    I couldn't stop laughing. Just as that happened a police officer started yelling at me to keep the dog out of the water. (Did he honestly think I wanted to go swimming waist deep wearing jeans? LOL)

    Anyway - your picks reminded me of the ducks that day.

    - Amika (Michigan)


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